How do you

If I warm the head & push the face in towards the neck hole, that helps me most of the time, but I always find one of those babies that are hard to place eyes in…on those I just say good luck on!

Maybe someone else has another method that will work for you.


Shell just heat the head with a rice sock to get it warm, no need to bake it

i use the real effects paints also ans i heated my head for 5 minutes and there were no fumes or anything…bu ti have also used the rice sock method and it works great also…


That’s what I used too was a rice sock…should have been clearer in my instructions!


My fiance had to put the eyes in for me the first time when I just wanted to see what they looked like. When he finally got them in I was like OK, now I’m taking them out to finished painting and rooting her and he said " WHAT!? I thought they were in for good!!" LoL
His hands are big and mine are little so both of us working together got them in fine. Maybe you could find someone with small hands to help.

Also, if anyone ever has trouble with the sockets wanting to “not move out of the way” I take a small paintbrush handle and push it through to make it go behind the eye and that works for me.

Good luck!!