How do you secure front plates?


I have heard people say they put string but how do you keep it in place and where do you tie? I saw LLE use velcro for 2 plates, but what about 1.


I generally don’t. I just tuck them into the diaper and that’s it, but I don’t keep them on all the time, just for photos


I don’t usually, but you can pierce the sides and with the tool sold by BB. Add a nice ribbon to each side and you’re set.


I make holes in the sides, add skinny satin ribbons and tie in the back.


Same here.


I think mow people make holes in the sides and tie it around the back.
I’ve also seen someone once that added magnets inside the body and on the back of the chest plate.


That’s a good idea too!


I tie them with ribbons


Are yall ever afraid the vinyl will break?


Nope. You don’t tie them that tight. Just enough to hold the plates. I make my holes about 1/4 inch from the edge so it’s fairly strong.