How do you seal rooted eyebrows from the outside?


Hi! I’m pretty new to reborning and I just don’t have the nerve to draw eyebrows on but I feel more comfortable rooting them. My problem is, I’ve read not to seal them with varnish bc I cakes up, so I used gem tack glue bc it dries white, but I don’t think that’s correct either. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!


Kim at actually answered this in another post.I believe she said she used thick medium.I don’t root my brows but if you search your question with the spyglass at top ,it will show her answer.


Your eyebrows look great!


Thank you !


OK I’ll try to pull it up. I’m not too savvy with this site lol. But thank you so much!




I saw at one time somone used a broken rooting needle to dip in a dot of glue then glue the end tip of each hair to the head. It was time consuming but had great results. Aa eaxh dot is for one hair it only needa to be a teeny tiny dot. Also something thay dries clear and doesnt run. Then thry glued the rooting on the in side like you wouor if you rooted the head


I lightly brushed gem tack glue over them bc it dries clear, but after about a week I saw a few hairs come loose.


I use hair gel to keep mine in place. It comes right off with water so you can restyle them over and over again.


It helps to leave the hair longer than eyebrows actually are. That way they don’t pop back up


@Jessejuice rooted eyebrows are awesome.


Thank you!


Use creme de pentear, escove na posição desejada, e use o secador pra modelar, fica ótimo