How do YOU neutralize?!


I tried to neutralize with the suggested blue, and I’m finding it to have left sort of a grey undertone. Used the color wheel. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to this? Thanks bunches!


Not much of a help but most of the time I don’t neutralize unless the kit is really dark orangish or pink vinyl. I do like a minty or light bluish green wash.


I go off of a color I saw Jackie Ortiz using in one of her painting videos–an off white, cream color. I use a majority of white and baby skin with a touch of yellow.


I don’t find it necessary most of the time, but for that dark orange, I will do a light green or blue wash or two. Just started painting 2 old gray bb kits today… those neutralized with a terracotta wash.


The problem is I have a preference for Gudrun Legler sculpts and those babes are so peachy! Thank you so much for the tips ladies! I’m such a newbie and I know my questions will probably get annoying. You’re all so wonderful for taking the time to answer me!


Here’s my tip: be very careful with the blue. I have ruined kits because of blue staining the vinyl. I try to neutralize with a light green, maybe adding a touch of blue. More often than not, one coat of this followed by a layer of flesh will do the trick.


I, too, prefer the Jackie Ortiz method. I also use white, a touch of flesh 7 or baby skin and a touch of yellow. It works beautifully for all my reborns, especially the ethnic colors.


I do lot of her sculpts, I just put several layers of flesh until I am happy with shade. But while her kits look peachy next to the very pale BB ones, if you put them next to your skin, I do not think they are very pink.