How do you name your pets?

Kinda an offshoot of the furbabies topic however we’re getting ready to welcome a new member into our family (I put the deposit down on him/her this friday) and it got me thinking about names. Now I’ve been a lover of names since I was a kid, always looking up names and making lists of my favorites. I even had 2 baby name books when I was a pre-teen. Names are fun to me. I’ve noticed a theme in my pet’s names, and one in the names I’ve saved for future real babies if I have kids.

My question to you is: How do you choose your pet’s names, and do they have a “theme” or something in common?

My pets all have “people” names. My cats are Loki,Scottie and Jimmy, My guinea pigs are Clementine and Daisy and my dog’s name is Miya. Our new puppy will have a “person” name as well.
I don’t know really how or why I chose these names, just went through a bunch until I found one that I liked and that sounded right. If I like a name, but forget it a day or 2 later it isn’t the right name for that pet. If it sticks in my head, it’s the one. Jimmy is the only one of those that I didn’t name. He’s technically our foster cat, but he’s with us permanently.

What about yours?


I like to go for an unusual word that hints at their personality. I had a ferret named “Busy,” a zippy little chiweenie named “Dash,” and an indecisive cat named “Maybe”. We have one now named “Echo” because she meows after you say anything to her.

Sometimes we give them people names: Loulou Maizel, Virgil Jones, and Skeets McGrew were all kitties.


That’s cool! I like using their personalities! Mine would all be A-hole or some variation on that though :rofl:
I almost always pick a name before I meet them. Especially for a dog. I like to order their tag in advance (because anxiety lol) but I suppose I could get that info from the breeder before I bring him home if I went that route.


If I name a pet it’s usually after a character. I had a female betta named Romilda Vane who lived with a mystery snail named Cho Chang and then a male named Tyrion Lannister Betta Fish. I had a cat named Maureen from Rent and a dog named Tuesday. My partner wanted a Star Wars name and I convinced her to go with Carrie Fisher Kitty Cat over Leia because Carrie Fisher. My puppy is Jolene because I was coming home from Sevierville, TN, which is Dolly Parton’s home town, when I picked her up on the interstate. I did try very hard to convince my partner to let me name the puppy Nathan Jr. after the baby in Raising Arizona but that was a no go :frowning:


That’s awesome too! So many neat references that you could do. Mine would be named after a Harry Potter character :rofl: I can’t think of anything else that I would pick a name from.

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A couple years ago my daughter was obsessed with the most recent ghostbusters movie, and watched it over and over again. She tried for months to convince me we needed another dog just so she could name it Mike Hat, because of her favorite scene in that movie!


That’s too funny!

I like character names, usually.
I had two goldfish named Cosmo and Wanda. I’m looking at getting a dog, which will likely have a Harry Potter name.


Those are awesome names! Which Harry Potter names in particular would you use? Mine probably wouldn’t be a main character name, it would be a bit more obscure but still recognizable to another fan.
I’m super lost as to what to name him lol Maybe something old man-ish. Those seem to be my favorite boy’s names.

I’ve considered naming them after spells. I once saw a white dog named Lumos, thought that was pretty cute. Or otherwise I’ll pick a minor character.


That’s a gorgeous name! So smart too.
Minor characters are good, for sure. Most of them have the best names anyway!

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We named our Doxies one Harley for the motorcycle and one Bradley for the Bradley fighting machine…Named our kitty’s for their colors Jasmine a siamese mostly white and Amber for Amber Quartz she was orange Abssynian. My Maine Coon baby boy is named Toby, he was born in OC (TOBE) R Octobermy Mum chose his name and I thought it was a cute idea. Good luck on picking out a name. Oh had a kitty named Biscuits but don’t know how that one came about. LOL :smile_cat::smile_cat:


I have a thing for vampire names.

So I have. Lafayette, Godric And Sookie from True Blood
Zoey from my favorite House of Night books.
Bella from Twilight.
Sabrina from Sabrina the teenage witch.

Jones from the movie Aliens

Garfield and Odie.

Albus from Harry Potter.

Gizmo from the gremlins.

And Loki from the avengers

Negan from the walking dead.


Love all of them!
Part of me wants to wait til I see him to decide but the other (anxious) part of me wants to pick a name right now :rofl: I’m excited and there’s not much else I can do to prepare right now.

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We named our dogs Cajun names. We have Jolie, Gabby short for Gabrella, and T Boy. Some one gave us one that had a name Goose. I don’t like the name but it fits the dog.

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Each of ours just vary. Siblings tend to match. Our chiweenies are Millie and Mollie. Our Lhasa apsas are lady and Laura. When we rescued 4 week old pups the first one squeaked whenever you picked him up. And they were so little, only weighing 1 lb each so they became pip and speak. I found Lucy when she was 5 weeks. She was infested with fleas and so thin we thought she may have parvo. My husband said she should be called lucky but I said Lucy. Fizz is short for fizz-gig from dark crystal. He was abused and when we first got him very scared. He was a white fur ball that would hide under the couch and jump out at you snapping just like the character in the movie. Georgie got his name because every time you come home or pick him up he has to kiss your nose so like the nursery rhyme georgie porgie. Cocoa puff was one of four puppies we found sleeping outside on a trash bag just days before a huge snow storm. She has chocolate colored curls and looked like a bowl of cocoa puffs. But we never name them until we meet them. Because sometimes their personality will just make their name pop right into your head. Good luck and enjoy your new family member.

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That’s a lot of puppies lol All very lovely names.
The reason I like to name in advance is because I have anxiety and feel better knowing that I have the tags when I bring them home. Our first stop with our beagle was the pet store because she needed a harness and we wanted to make sure it would fit. Of course she was really anxious and having her tag already on her made me feel better in case she somehow got away from us those first few weeks. Living in Canada, most tag shops are elsewhere and shipping takes a long time. I bought my dog’s tag from only a few provinces away from me and it took 3-4 weeks to arrive. I’m too anxious to wait that long with a new puppy.

Sera was a Lhasa apso. They are from Tibet and Sera is the largest monastery there.

Henry. I just loved the name and it totally fit him. He was a dirty blonde, timid , sweet, rag doll kind of baby

Abbott. Was also Lhasa apso. An Abbott is head of the monastery so it kind of went with Sera’s theme. Plus I loved the name.

Olive. She’s named after the little girl in Little Miss Sunshine.

Rowan. My gf named her. It means “ little red one “ in Gaelic and she’s a little red pup.

Jack. I found him in the road and he needed to go to the vet. The vet required a name for the appointment so I literally said the first name that came to mind , and it stuck.

Bridget. I like words with dg in the middle like Widget, gidget, etc. plus she’s a poodle mix so “Bridget” seemed to fit.

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When we got our dog, I couldn’t come up with anything that fit him!! Then my friend suggested Carter and it just fit perfectly. She also say Dakota, so if I ever get another dog I plan on naming it Koda. She could name pets all day but I struggled with it lol. If the dog you have now is Miya, what about a M name? Max is cute! Or if it is a girl, Minnie?

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Lol my dogs best friends name is Minnie :rofl: that would be a disaster. I don’t specifically want another M name. None of my other pets have an M name so it’s not really a priority. And I don’t want a common dog name either, I’m kinda picky lol

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