How do you know they will appreciate it?

Well, as a reciever I appreciate the extra outfits, blankets, baby toys…a framed pictures are not that precious to me…it’s just a doll afterall although a picture on a certificate that describes the doll (name, date, artists) is treasured.

I have heard many reborn artists say that unless your babies regularly get the amount they are truly worth, too many extras is too expensive anymore.

Do what will bring you joy and pride BUT won’t break the bank should your baby not bring in enough.

The reborn baby sales is so fickle anymore…


I would also love to add a whole quiver full of things, because I know I would love to get them if I had bought the “baby”.

But there are many people that wouldn’t share my excitement and may even think “Well, for that price, she’d better include all of these things”…

I include two outfits and diapers, a pacifier, a bottle and a stuffed animal, together with the birth certificate and a “How to care for your Reborn” manual.

My “extra gift” is a little bag with some baby-smelling soap (you know, those cute, home-made ones).

The first ones usually sell for their actual cost (no profit), so I wouldn’t break the bank either. MHO.