How do you know if your rooting needles are sized right?

I just posted a topic about my corrected order from Bountiful Baby and in that order I ordered 40g forked needles - a whole ounce- 28 in total.

Just the day before my husband had polished one of my rooting needles that I got from ‘SOME PLACE ELSE’. It was a forked 42g and the only one I have ever used - see baby below for the rooting I did. I did have a hard time with it picking up several hairs. If I had only known - that was a bit of information I should have paid attention to.

Hubby took one look at the 40g needles and said they were smaller. Whew they were supposed to be bigger. I did want to order 43g but BB didn’t have any.

Now he is an engineer, so he went and got his calipers and measured the size of the point of the needle and the supposed 42g was .235 and the 40g was .185. He did research and yes the Bountiful Baby needle is 40g, just like it was advertised.

I went to my studio and looked at all the needles and compared to two other 40g barbed needles from two different sources and they looked the same size as the BB needles. The ‘supposed 42g’ was much bigger, instead of much smaller. They are still in their original container and labeled 42g.

Now I’m amazed that I could get such a nice rooting job with a needle that size. It does explain the big holes that I got in the Berenguer harder head. It also explains all the hairs I pulled out.

I would love to hear from any of you who might be confused. My source for the wrong gauge needles rhymes with beaus, but I bought them about 2 years ago - while I was in the LONG learning stage.

Bountiful Baby deleted my topic about how happy I was about the correction to my order (I sent an email requesting a change soon after I got confirmation). So don’t look for the topic that I said I had posted before this one.

Although I’ve had great experience with my orders at BB and love many people on this forum, I do believe that there are difficulties that may destroy this whole relationship. Too many lawyers in my opinion.

I now make a copy of everything I post - just so I can remember what I said.

Lyndie, I think were you purchased your former needles is were your problem ls, you and many others as well. The regular rooting needle should be smaller in size (finer) as the #number goes up. Say for instance a 40 g needle would root finer than a 38g etc. I’m not sure about the German even though I have used them for some time. I do know that they suggest not using the #43g until you have mastered the #42g as it is harder to pick up a hair than the lower number, and only recommended for the more experienced rooting, also a tip is to spread the mohair out (fan) while rooting with the German needles. BB has great needles, I use them and prefer their 1 barb micro rooting needle to the German type after using both. They need to be cut short if your using them in a mushroom holding device, much easier to work with. If you spread your hair out thin, you should only get a couple of hairs per punch (micro rooting). Also root from the cut end and not the middle of your hair. Hope this helps.

Yes where I got them is obviously the problem. They packaged their own and were not careful about the size. And yes I know the number is inversely proportional to the size of the needle - that is common in a lot of metal measurements.

We will see if I have a problem with this gauge. I do root from the cut end and I did’t fan - I find that with fanning there is not a lot of control about where you are rooting. I developed my own method which, while slow, it worked out well. It certainly allowed me to root sparsely.

The point was I trusted my source and I won’t do that again. In the future I’ll measure the needles.