How Do You Keep Your For Sale Babies?

I was wondering what everyone else does while their babies are for sale and waiting for adoption? I keep them displayed in my bedroom and in my rec room - I’m the only one in the house that touches them- everyone else knows better

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Displayed safely in my cradle. But I dont usually have LOTS of babies up for adoption at one time.

I keep them in my baby’s room or in my living room. I also keep whatever is going with them when they are adopted, right with them so i don’t have to search all over for it,.

Mine stay in the crib in the Nursery Room. I, too, keep everything with them so if they get adopted I just have to pack them up.


Yes good idea to keep all their accessories ready to go! I hate making a pacifier or something last minute!

I keep them either in their mailing box ready to go or in plastic totes along with all of their accessories.

Where do you buy your totes? How big are they? I am trying to make more efficient space use in my craft room.

I always ever have one for sale at a time so I have a blanket lined soft bed basket next to my dresser so I can enjoy looking at the doll before it is sold.

I have a friend who as soon as the auction is up, or the ad placed, she takes baby, all accessories, and packs the doll and all the stuff in the box it will be mailed in. The birth Certificate is on top because she puts new parents name on the cert. But she packs it all up the day of the ad or auction ready to mail. So when it sells all she does is make out the cert, close the box up, tape it with address and then out for the mail guy. Takes her a whoppin 10 minutes!!! When I grow up I want to be as organized as she is! LOL

Wow - Joy -
That is POSITIVE thinking and great organizational skills.


I nicely wrap my baby in a blanket and put it in a plastic tote. All the accessories neatly go in a plastic shoe box with a label on it. I get the boxes at Dollar Tree.

I like the tote Idea- but I leave them out to enjoy them in rec room and my bedroom- plus i don’t have any room for totes. My craftroom is only 10 x 11 and full of two wall shelves with kits and then I have plastic bins/drawers with art supplies and clothing and some shelves for bins with current projects.