How do you glue hair in a ball jointed doll?

The opening in the neck is only about an inch in diameter. It can’t be enlarged because of the connector. How can I be sure I got glue on all the hair?

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I don’t know but can’t wait to see! Is it hard painting a BJD?

It wasn’t any harder to paint (just more of it. It’s a toddler) but I’ve heard getting the connectors in is tough. This is my first one. She just needs hair and assembly. I can’t wait to put her together and dress her. I’ll post pictures when she’s done, but don’t hold your breath. She’s got a big head.


Maybe with a long brush? I’ve only ever wigged my ball jointed toddlers, those heads were way too big to root for me.

I use modge podge slightly watered down so its runny and easy to cover by swirling it around(turning the head in my hands) to spread. I also use a long handle fan brush to help move it around to cover all hair. Then to help speed up drying I will place the head opening in front of a fan. It seems to take extra long to dry even with the fan blowing since it is such a small opening. Make sure that you move the head around and try to spread the glue throughout the drying to keep the glue from pooling in one spot since it’s so runny. Hope that helps :wink:

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