How do you feel about Pre loved babies?

I am ambivilent because someone showed off one of my babies on facebook they purchased pre loved and I can see that it is altered, paint splotches added like stork bites, darkening of facial veins, ect. They tagged me in the pictures.
But I dont know how I feel. They are giving the money to someone else instead of purchasing one directly from me and at basically the same price but without the box opening extras I usually add in.
I cannot attest for the quality of this pre loved baby and whether weights were added or it wasnt damaged in any way or even may have fragrances or pet fur ect… I mostly just dont want a pre loved baby to be an example of my work especially if it was altered.


The person selling it should make it clear that they altered it before selling it. If I saw this, I would comment about what portion I actually painted and when on the post in which I was tagged.

As far as reselling my dolls in general, people do it. I don’t really care. The only time I have gotten annoyed is when people bought from me and quickly resold the doll for like $100 more. Technically that was my fault though for not pricing them high enough to begin with.


People who can’t really reborn will buy a doll sometimes and alter it to resell so they can say they painted it. We all know that is not the whole truth though. It is sad. I would feel the way you do not wanting my work represented that way. I would be inclined to comment that your work has been altered and thus the baby is no longer an example of your work so please do not use your name on selling it.


Whoa. I didn’t know this was a thing.


I don’t really know that it is but I have run across it before.


I think reselling is ok. But everyone should know that the baby was painted by A rooted by B and enhanced by C. I have a baby like that. Started by one person who lost interest, continued by another that lost interest and finished, (and rooted more hair) by me. My Marcus kit.


I have had to get over the re-selling part of this. At first I thought they hated the baby and were trying to get rid of it (if they sold it for less) then I felt a little cheated when the same lady bought three dolls, and re sold them for a lot more. If one of my dolls ended up on the seconds. market I usually got an email from someone letting me know, it made me self conscious.

I had to remember that collectors do what collectors do, they buy, they trade, they sell some babies to buy new babies, it isn’t personal or a reflection of my work. If they sell for less they may need to unload some babies fast, if they sell for more good for both of us (I will eventually benefit from that).

I don’t like:

1.If they use my photos without permission.
2.Take their own photos and they are awful and the baby is in a purple satin dress with a sports team beanie on her head, not to mention dirty feet and prescription meds in the photo. That is not exactly on brand for me. Grrrrr…
3. Have played roughly with it and my name is connected to it, as if I would send a baby in that condition.
4. Sell a baby stating “in the style of Saint Cloud Nursery” (that is a whole other arse-chapping story).

Not much you can do.

If I were a collector I wouldn’t mind a PO baby. You sometimes can get a great baby for less by and artist you. might really like but not be able to afford (and no waiting list).

My mind is blown :exploding_head: I have a whole other outlook on some artists that have recently exploded onto the scene with massive talent out of nowhere. The same artist in under a year transitioned seamlessly and flawlessly to silicone. I am shook.

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I have bought one previously loved baby who was originally made by an artist in Poland. I still have him and love him. I have had him for many years. I took him apart to reweight him and found he had baby fat pellets inside his head starting to cause dents in the vinyl. I took those out and reweighted him. Happy I did as it saved him from ruination.

I have also bought a couple dolls over the years from more well known artists so I could see their work in person and then resold both dolls. Reason being, while both was pretty each in their own way neither was in person what I was expecting them to be. Just not my style preference. Some people also buy and then resell because that is the only way they can afford to get something newer. So I can understand those who buy and resell for those reasons. It is the reselling as one’s own work or reselling a doll that has been poorly handled as an example of the artists work that I don’t like.


It doesn’t matter to me. I have two preloved babies and I love them just the same

my first preloved baby, Evie

My second preloved baby, Lauren


Dirty feet? :nauseated_face: I hate when people include their grimy feet in pictures. At least wash them or hide them. It does a number on people’s mental health. :sweat_smile:

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I would request that the tag be removed. Explain to the person that the doll has been altered and no longer a representation of your work. You really can’t do anything else. Once a person purchases a doll from you it is theirs and they can do as they please.

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I am jealous. Wish I had that natural talent.

Very valid points. Totally agree. I would not buy a doll presented in this way.

My house gets destroyed by my kids frequently, so I get it. But you aren’t going to see that in my pics. :rofl: