How do you cut the baby's hair?

So, I’ve spent hours rooting my twins head, I gave them a general trim, but now I’ve NO idea how I should cut their hair!

So many tutorials on painting, making spit bubbles, milk spots, but it’s so hard to find a hair cutting tutorial…

This is how they look now (before hair cut). I can’t mess them up!

BTW, they’re newborn babies, so I can’t keep the “style” they have now.

here you go:

I personally dont use thinning shears I just cut in to the ends once finished, I also cut the back & sides a bit shorter than the top.

Here is my tutorial from this forum:) Hope it helps.
Sara … g+tutorial

Thanks, girls!!!

I cut them last night.

I did follow a little bit of each of these tutorials and added my “personal touch”.

I did not love the outcome, but I guess it’s okay. Straight hair “sits” better, curly gets all fluffy and cute, but their hair is wavy and there’s not much of it (of hair), so it doesn’t look the way I hoped it would. At least it’s done: one less thing for me to worry about.

Hopefully I’ll do a better job on the next one…