How do you choose the kit to paint?


If you are not doing customs, how do you choose your next kit to reborn? I went through all my totes of kits. I typed up the list, printed it out a labeled each tote with the kits it had in it. I just looked at my list to pick my next kit. Since I have 4 Lillian kits. She will be the next kit I reborn.


I look through them and some I just feel like painting, others “not right now”
Then I look to see who has a body, eyes etc. If I have everything for one of them I wash that kit


I have a bag full of bodies, duplicates of some. I have plenty of eyes too. I choose the kit without even checking to see if I have the body or right size eyes. I just assume I have it see, I gotta Check n make sure I have a body for Lillian now. Lol


Since I don’t have a stash, I just buy whichever one I like the most and paint that one. When it sells I buy another that I like. I don’t paint the popular ones if I don’t like them, I don’t paint any kit I don’t like.


Whew, I have a body n eyes for Lillian.


I just look and usually one will grab me. I also have some that I have to put away and then work on at a later time.


This is how I do, also. I just kinda get a “feeling” for one over the others. Or maybe 2. I just choose between those 2. But, I have pretty much gone by how I felt when I handled them and was checking out what I wanted next. As Jenni said, some are “not right now”. :slight_smile:


I want to do all mine right now. lol I have such a hard time deciding who’s next.


I tend to work on whichever kit is the newest because I always get excited when a new kit arrives. But lately I’ve been doing some of my cheaper BB kits to test different things out


I take a few out that I might want to paint and then see which one calls to me. Sometimes I think I’m excited to paint one but then another calls to me instead. I always make sure to paint the one I’m most excited for or else I end up hating it haha


I love the Lillian kit and have often thought of buying her. I can’t wait to see what you do with her.


Usually when I look in my kit bin, the kit I want to paint next jumps out at me. I don’t have many really nice kits at this point, so it’s really not that hard to choose yet. Lol. I have a bin of cheap kits.


Ditto :grin:


When I was at my house I would reach into one of my 5 tubs and pull one out randomly. Now at my moms I just go into my room and reach randomly for one of the 140 I have stashed there. Yes, I have a problem. No, I don’t care.


When I bring a kit home, I usually pose them in a stuffed onesie to get a feeling for them. When it’s time to choose, I often go through the pics and see if one is “calling” to me.


that is smart, many of us have become kit hoarders. I like the way you roll.


I have good kits, cheap kits, sale kits, expensive kits…to me they are all equal. Really it is what you do with it. Your bin of cheap kits is a potential treasure trove!


I now work five at a time. I have a limited amount of time to do this so I try to make my time make sense. ( I built up to this number).

I chose an open eye, a closed, a big baby, a small baby, a baby that will challenge me. This keeps it interesting. I tend to choose something I have doubles of also.


You are definitely right. :blush:


I can’t afford to lol So I just don’t :rofl: I have to sell a doll to buy the next one