How do the BB Eden and Honey limbs compare with Avery limbs?

I am wondering if someone can tell me how the BB Eden and Honey limbs compare size wise to the Avery/Aubrey/Paisley limbs? I am going to do a knoops hanna and would like some chubbier limbs than the Aubrey limbs I have here. If you know of some BB chubby limbs that are at least in the 20 inch range or bigger would you please recommend them to me. Thanks so much

I use the knoops crissy limbs when I do a hanna

Thanks so much for taking the time to take these measurements and post them. I have used the Avery limbs with Luca in the past and they are a great match. I just thought the Hanna sculpt is a little plumper looking so I am going to try the Kendal limbs (if I can get them). Thanks again!