How do I smooth out or straighten rooted mohair?

So I have been slowly but surely improving my rooting skills. I have seen so many adorable pictures of babies with smooth staight hair. How in the heck do then manage that?? Any help would be greatly appreicated.

Its good quality mohair. Sugargliderus here sells beautiful wavy hair that sits straight once rooted (pic below) and I’ve heard raves about slumberland mohair which you can select color, style ie straight/wavy/curly & thickness kid, yearling, fine adult. There are others recommended on this forum but I haven’t tried them myself.

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Its slightly damp in this pic but after being left to dry looks the same and doesn’t need restyling even after a clothes change.

I have some from Slumberlad and it is really nice. Im trying some from Mohair and wool now. I learned early on it’s too much work to use cheap hair lol. I guess I just need practice all my babies look kinda nappy. Your babies look wonderful!!