How do i help this person and let them know

This person is using someone else pictures. How do I let the persons picture know?
She used a picture from the paisley prototypes I think it is called. She says it is bi racial but the first picture is one of these from BB … 1c2c6bee7c

At the bottom of the auction there is a place for questions. Just go there and send her a message. Did Paisley even come on bi-racial vinyl??

I sent a question to the person who used the picture but I was wondering how to let the person whose picture she used so that person can object. The first picture is one on Paisley where she is being held out. You see her and hands. the other 2 are of the baby she painted. No bi racial vinyl that I know of.

She states that the auction is for the KIT only…not a reborned doll… she is showing photos of what it could look like based on the photos of completed babies. She isn’t misrepresenting anything except that I don’t know if Paisley ever came in a bi-racial vinyl???

PS… I “googled” bi-racial Paisley and it did indeed come in bi-racial vinyl so the seller has not misrepresented the kit at all…

Here is a link to the BB photos… … isley.html

Oh ok ty Sorry I did not find the bi racial vinyl.

Yes Paisley came in Biracial, i used to order her a bit like that. She comes up nice as a AA baby. thats back when they had the choice of pink or peach kits though! LOL

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the problem with sales like this, as i see it, is that did she get rights from the doll designer or photographer? if not, she is in violation of copyright infringement. this photo is on the front of a dvd (i have it, it is on sculpting), there is a copyright on the cd and the cd case! sorry, i am a photographer and a seller on ebay. i get very upset when i see people that do this. they think that it is no big deal. yes it is, Denise Pratt worked very hard reborning the baby and the photographer worked hard taking the photos just for someone else to take them and use them for her sale. there has been a huge deal about this with bigger doll sellers, such as Romie Strydom. People are stealing photos of her dolls (specifically her silicones) and are saying they are theirs to sell. It starts out simple enough, saying that they are selling this kit, later it is that they are selling their doll. That is when it becomes a scam! So, yes, there is something wrong with this. She should have reborned the doll herself and shown what it could look like or just had the doll blank OR asked denise pratt (who probably would have said yes) before putting it up for sale.

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This person is selling a KIT - NOT a reborn baby. No laws have been broken and no one has been taken advantage of with this listing.

I agree with Pia - she is only selling the kit and it looks like the kits shown beneath that listing are also BB samples. In fact, it says: “more chances from the same seller” just beneath, and clearly shows the BB photos. She may be an authorized seller for BB kits???

Not the first time I’ve seen this - someone using the BB photos, but I did catch someone using another artist’s finished work once & I brought it to the artist’s attention and the issue was taken care of by her directly.

I saw someone on ebay selling BB kits and supplies and using gallery pictures that many artists here in the forum entered in one of the kit contests. I was wondering if she had permission to use the different artist’s pictures. But all I asked her was…“are you associated with BB…I see you sell a lot of their supplies?” her reply to me was…*“I am not sorry” * What!!!
I got the feeling for some reason she was feeling defensive. some sellers just ‘borrow’ someone else’s pictures to sell their product. Even if it is just a kit, I think she should have permission from BB and any other artist either in the gallery or on ebay to sell her item. I gave permission for BB to use my pics for them to promote the kit not someone else. If they pass that permission on to someone else they didn’t make that very clear. And yes, I know my picture anywhere, in any sale, is advertising but it’s still a question of legalities and her using them without permission. They are not stock photos.