How do I fix this?

Ok so my Presley Awake came to me as a booboo, I still love this kit and I knew about the flaws but i was wondering how to fix this? I already tried putting him into the oven for a few minutes to close the holes but no luck. Besides the rooting holes he also has some dye that ran onto the vinyl.

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I really don’t think this is fixable, you’ll just have to re-root to cover it up.

Darn it I was afraid of that. I was originally gonna have this be a painted hair baby.

@jeanhai do you maybe know how to help? I was thinking I could fill it in with some vinyl repair stuff?

I’ve heard of boiling water and sticking in it for just a few min, I’ve not tried it but read about it. Also if you plan on rooting hair maybe that will hide the holes

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Are you sure it’s only dye? It looks like there might still be some hair stubble there. If it’s only dye, try putting some Windsor and Newton on it. Leave it for a few minutes and scrub with a toothbrush. I’m not sure if pressing sculpting clay into the holes and then scraping. It with something with a thin hard edge (like a credit card) to remove the excess and bake would work. I’d try it on a small spot and make sure the sculpey plugs won’t pop out.


You could try Nair to remove any hair left. Then use oxy zit cream to remove stains. Then go to the auto department in walmart and get sanding paper like 600 grit and very lighly sand the rough spots. Once thats all done seal it with matt varnish. It then should be barely visible and anything left will be hidden when you have his hair painted.


Hey do you have the clay paints or sculpty paints? I’m not sure what they are called lol well you could use those an just reborn Presley an at the end put some of that glue you use on ur Ooak babies inside the head an it should be fine. I just ordered some of those clay paint myself because my niece again didn’t check the mohair before she started to root. If you need some I could send some to you. It works good an I ordered some of the glue you use. Was it 9100 Izzy?

You can use the above methods, then paint and root combo on the top.

@izzy here is the link for the paints I’m talking about. I hope it will work for you.

Thanks ladies I’ll try some of those. @Leslie76 it was 9100

Let us know what works.

Hey Izzy, you need to sculpt a tummy plate for the 10-12 inch mini babies. There’s definitely a market for them.