How do I correct a too-pink baby?


Have another question though, for my next one in case I want a lighter, creamier result. The video I watched on YouTube where she said that she never starts a kit without doing three coats, three bakes of the light flesh tone mixed with some white for three washes before starting any painting. Wondered if this is a good idea?


Ok what do you mean by mint wash…just curious


I use the BB mint color mixed with thinner till it’s watery, pounce on with a sponge, flash off, bake and done.


thanks the reborn language is killing me


I think she looks great, too.


Thank you much, Amy! :hugs:


You will pick it up, I’m still learning it too :wink:


I think she looks great!


I think she looks great, I would just put some very PALE blue undertones here and there.
Just noticed this topis is 12 months OLD!!!


Saw your question about the pale flesh coats. Is it Jackie Ortiz you’re referring to who uses it? If you use it just be sure to not make it too thick as it will become chalky on the vinyl. And make sure you use a brush to blend it out of the creases before baking.