How do I correct a too-pink baby?


Hi ladies, am fairly new to reborning and have been following Denise Pratt’s tutorial and a little of Nicole Russell"s tutorial. I’m about finished with all painting, but she is just too pink. Mottling with the sponge with holes plucked out seemed to just make her look more pink and not so mottled. Any help is so appreciated!


A thin mint wash will help tone down the pink


Oh thank you Karen, but will it change the other work I’ve done?


It will tone down the pink, making it not as prominent. You can also try a light flesh wash mixed with satin as a sealer, that helps sometimes, too. Are you able to post a picture?


Yes I will try to upload a pic shortly; would appreciate your opinion on her"pinkness" . Thank you!!


Sounds good! :thumbsup:


Here she is, best I could get with artificial light at night. Looks pretty accurate tho, just a tad of more pink undertone than the photo.



I don’t think that’s too pink! I thnk this is an adorable baby!


Not too pink looking on my screen but if you want a more mottled look go back with your fleshtone and apply with a holy plucked sponge in a random pattern until you get a mottled look.


I think her color is really nice! Not too pink at all!


CUTE!!! As is! Super thin mint wash just to give you peace of mind. Is she “too pink” in natural light also? I’ve learned never to trust my eyes except in natural light :wink:


Thank you Sydster! Whew, I didn’t do any washes before I started and actually prefer that creamier look, maybe I’ll try that for my next one. Someone on YouTube said she always does three layers of the super light flash mixed with some white before she starts painting. Is that a good idea?


Yes I would like a little more of a mottled look and have not thought of using the flesh tone for that, duh, so using the blush tones for that were too pink, tried to blot some off and of course that just adds more pink. I will try your suggestion tomorrow, thank you so much!


Thank you! It helps so much to have all of this help and happy I found this forum with honest opinions besides just my husband’s :kissing_heart:


So should I do the light mint wash before the Mottling with flesh? Thank you all so much :hugs: I just got a pop up saying that I am responding to these messages the wrong way, sorry! Will do better next time :flushed:


On my monitor she looks GREAT! I wouldn’t do anything at all, but if it’s bothering you, then a really thin wash of mint will tone it down. I love her!


Very realistic Dont touch it!!!Good job.


I try my parts against a pink, a blue, a brown and a white blanket as I am painting to see how the color is coming along if I don’t have good natural light available. IMO I think she looks great in this picture !


After another look in natural light and all of your great tips, think I will leave her as is for now and just go forward and try to get her finished. Thank you so so much, you’re all so nice and helpful :hugs: