How do I add a photo to my siggy?

I have not figured it out, lol . I have photo bucket and I’m familiar with html.

Upper right corner you go to “user control panel” - go to far left and select “profile” - go to “edit signature” and this is where you “paste” the [IMG] code from photobucket. The problem is the sizing. I think it has to bee less than 300 in each dimension. If it won’t post, it is too large and will tell you that. You are limited to 255 characters (whatever that means?).

Yes, when posting regular photos you can use 800x600, or 600x800 but when posting a siggy baby photo, the size is much smaller as Pia mentioned. We used to be able to post larger photos (which is why some still have bigger photos up) but I think BB forum altered requirements so the photos don’t take up so much space.

Those who haven’t changed our siggy photo in awhile kept the same measurements, but if photos were to be changed for new ones, we’d have to use the smaller size too. Hope that makes some sense

All my photos are over 1000 mega pixels, any way to change it?

Yes, on photobucket you can select the photo you want to use, then look for the edit key - it will bring you to a screen where you have lots of options across the top - one is “Resize” - select, then type in the size you need. Try Pia’s numbers because I’m not sure what size they set the limit to since I haven’t changed my photo in a long time. Once you change the setting, select save - it will save the photo as a copy (not altering your original) and then you can select the html, and paste it in your user profile.

Thank you Ginnylee!! I will try that!

Yay, I did it!!!

She’s beautiful! Glad this worked out for you

Thank you Ginnylee!!

Adorable Lilian! Glad you got if posted.