How do custom listings on reborns dot com work?


I’m thinking about creating a listing for a custom spot on How do these listings work? If someone buys the custom spot, do they pay the entire cost up front or do they pay a deposit? I’ve searched for other listings for customs, and most seem to be for specific kits or listings for specific buyers. Would it be better to list a custom for a specific kit I already have or let the buyer choose the kit? I’m just thinking about dipping my toe in the “custom” waters, but wanted to do it in the most hassle-free way possible! Any tips appreciated!


I have never listed this way myself, but what I think I see people doing is offering specific kits for customs, listing pics of their previous work on that baby as an example.

What I have done with the few customs I’ve taken is to get a 50% deposit up front. When the baby is done, I send them pics (Right before completion, I send pics too just in case I need to change anything). When they approve, I collect the remaining balance and shipping. That’s it. Not sure if anyone does anything different.


When I decide to do a custom order, I do half up front and half later and they pay the shipping with the final half.
I don’t usually do custom orders as they can be stressful and frustrating as other girls on here will also agree.

Also I would only do sculpts that I want to do. Either list which you would want to work with or say if you have an extra Summer Rain kit, set up a listing for a Custom summer Rain- customer gets to choose hair color.

And charge more for customs than you would for a sold doll. If you sell dolls for 400 then charge 500 because this is a special service you are offering.
Charge extra for belly plates too of course
Give yourself plenty of time to complete to Doll so you don’t get stressed.
Make sure customer knows the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE as it is used to purchase art materials


Yes to all of the above…

The key to me being able to stay sane while doing them is that I only took a couple at a time, gave myself plenty of time (I told them a month, but would usually finish in 2 weeks or so), only let them choose hair color and complexion, plus any special marks or whatever and that’s It! The minute they start talking about prototypes or any other crazy thing, conversation is over. I’ll suggest they contact Silvia or whoever is painting at those levels and wish them the best. If my painting ability was on this level, I’d be selling for thousands like her, not the $300 I currently sell them for. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thanks for the advise y’all! I’m still undecided about whether I want to try customs, but if I do, I’ll only take one at a time!