How can I tell the difference between a fake Saskia and REAL Saskia kit?

My friend ordered a bald Saskia off Ebay and wants me to add a birth mark on her. So she will look like her daughter. The price was low and I’m worried about her getting a fake. I don’t want anything to do with a fake. Is there any way I can tell? EDIT TO ADD : I’m waiting on pictures

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Coa, maybe? I wouldn’t think the fakes have them.


Saskia from Bonnie has Saskia on the COA
Cloth body
Normally finger creases are painted

Scammer Fake Saskia COA is pink with and I have seen Hoomai on it… comes in a pink box
Fake Saskia has a torso - looks plasticy
Not weighted
Finger Creases are not painted


She said she doesn’t have a COA , I just hope its a real one. She has wanted a Saskia for a while.

Post the pictures here and someone can tell you if its real or fake. Its possible that it might not have the COA anymore if its exchanged hands several times, someone may have lost it. Im pretty sure most of the Chinese rip offs come home with that horrible hair.

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Eyebrows should be a dead giveaway.

She’s talking about a kit, not a completed doll. Shouldn’t there be certain markings on the neck?

Read it again. It says a bald Saskia. Sounds completed with no hair to me.


I was going off the thread title.

Yep,its a completed doll. She hasn’t received her yet.

Ah, my mistake.