How can I help sell your babies on


Yes, that would be awesome. Houma is really close to me. I’m in New Iberia.


Omg! That’s crazy! Haha! Keep talking, we don’t mind!


I had actually stepped away to get a shower and wash my hair. I didn’t think I was bugging anyone. If I ever do, though, be sure to tell me, in a nice, Southern, way. :slight_smile: LOL


I would think a REINKE dealership would do really well in that area. I wish the very best for you guys. I will be looking forward to hearing how the business is booming for you. :slight_smile:


I have already started making me another list of kits I want while my first kit is drying. I decided Sadie would be my first kit.


So adorable!! I love the little lavender flowers too!


I love Sadie!


Thank you!