How can I achieve this look?

good morning everyone! I really love this look around the nose area and chin, the whiteness. What would I need to do to achieve this?

Is that white or a touch of blue? I’ve seen a lot of bubs painted with those areas in a blended blue.

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By golly I think your right! I wonder which color blue, and what I would blend with… White? Flesh 8? I am so nervous to try…

The powders are awesome for adding blues. But whatever you use, use it lightly and then don’t blush the area you want whiter.You are actually not lightening the area, you are darkening the surrounding areas. Cute
little Sam. Sam and Sera look so much alike that I thought it was Sera at first.

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I think that you would use a very very thin blue mix so you would achieve a soft look. And 'blend ’ the edges into the surrounding vinyl with a cosmetic sponge so NO harsh edges. Vinyl just ‘grabs’ blue so do make sure you have a thinnn mix. You can always go over it with another layer once the first is dry if you think it needs it. Always thin…ask me how I know!

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I will let u know if I get the guts. I LOVE this look, but I am afraid of blue. It does grab so fast that I tend to stay away from it. Hmmmm, let me dig out a practice arm!

Keep it thin and you’ll be alright. Yes a practice arm sounds good.

Don’t be afraid of blue, just careful. Just make it very thin with Mona Lisa. Remember you can always bake and add another layer if needed. Better to be too thin than too thick. I use the same color I’d use on veins but much, much more liquid. I use I small mop and dip very lightly, then tap my brush once on a paper towel. I keep a dry cosmetic wedge close to blot any drips or absorb excess quickly. I dab on with the brush, then gently blot and blend the edges with the wedge. Better to blot as you go, don’t wait till you are all done or staining might occur. As you get used to it you might be able to blend after all the facial blue is on, but at first better safe than having to remove all paint and starting over.
The doll you showed us is probably painted with flesh 8 and the vinyl may have been neutralized if too red/ orange. And as others said, avoid the blush or warm wash on the areas you want paler. You can do it! :smile:


I love you guys! THANKS! I’m diving in!!! Oh! Should I use vein blue(Aqua) or genesis vein blue( dark blue)?

Oh boy… I don’t have premix. I mix a little blue with a very tiny amount of red until I get a shade close to veins on my inner arm (I’m pale, Caucasian). Then I thin it a lot before using it as blue wash. There should be a very light amount of blue. It’s more dark/medium blue-ish purple, but very sheer, not aqua.


Thank you Bebe! I think I can see it in my mind!

You’re welcome! Good luck and remember - trust your instincts!

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I went for it and I’m LOVING it!!! Thank you!!! I did a blue and flesh 8 combo super duper thin. I did a bit, then baked. I think I will do another round! I am so excited, I think this is what I was looking for to achieve more realism!:heart:

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Wonderful! Do post pics later. Can’t wait to see.

Ok! Here are some pics. I do want her very light skinned… But, do you think she needs a wash to warm her up a bit? Or leave her as is?

Where are the pix?

Another pic

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Side view

I do not have ultra marine blue, I used pyrole blue 3. I mixed a tiny bit with flesh 8 and went SUPER THIN. About 4 times. Should I invest in ultra marine blue for next time?

I’m glad I have my Ultrmarine Blue. I’d invest in it.