How are the swap babies coming along for thanksgiving?

Mine is finished and will be mailed out tomorrow/tuesday at the latest…just wondering how the rest of them are coming along? I can’t find the original post.

Mine is finished & will go out this week…can’t wait!


mine is finished and will go out on the 9th as i want to take him/her to a craft show on the 7th:)))

Almost done…will ship out by the end of the week.

mine is in the final stages…will ship by first of next week!

Mine is done will be shipping this week.

How many of us did it end up being Irene?

i’m not at home where the book is but i think it was 15 and everyone checked, so all is good

I fell in love with mine so I won’t be sending it… lol j/k. Mine is almost finished and I will be shipping soon.

Well, I decided I would go ahead and give y’all a little peek at my swap baby:

Hope you like him!!

lol, that was cute, i wouldn’t mind that baby…

well, i did get a sneak peak at her baby and he/she is to DIE for!!! I tried to talk her into sending to me but no go

Well…I wen’t to mail my baby today to its new mommy. The nice postmasted informed me that the shipping would be 28. and some change without dc or insurance Can you believe that??? I have never had one cost that much to ship out unless it was going over seas…so needless to say, I have to find a flat rate box or something…maybe my baby will go out tomorrow. I dont want to send out parcel post as no telling what kinda smashing the box will endure but i thought that was just rediculous! Normally I can mail them for 15.00 dc/insurance and everything out the door. not sure why this time is so much more…

I usually send parcel and they stamp fragile all over the box. I’ve never had any problems with mailing that way.

I am just terrified to send anything parcel post… Ok so I sent it out today via in a large flat rate box. It completely filled the box up but I saved 1/2 the cost of shipping plus I got insurance and dc on it. so should have it on thursday I would think.

I sent my swap baby out yesterday…all I could think about before is, I can’t wait for my partner to see her baby, but now that she has been mailed…I thought, oh yeah, I get a baby too! Now I’m excited to get my baby.
Thanks in advance, partner, for all the hard work I know you put into my baby!


I wish all the parties involved would comment on the threads…people sign up like with this swap and then with the secret sister too and then some don’t never post in the threads and go mia…makes people nervous Does anyone else feel that way or is it just me??

Well I hadn’t posted because my baby is still a work in progress and I was a little embarassed that I didn’t have the baby done yet. The doll is coming along really nicely now though. I’m about half way done with the rooting and hope to have that part done tomorrow (hopefully). I know that it is nerve wracking when you don’t get a response from everyone but hopefully it is just because ppl are hard at work on their babies. I can’t wait to see all the babies.

I like to hear from them too lol.
I am halfway finished rooting and just waiting on the custom body to come in.
I will just say this about my swap baby…It is VERY realistic and I don’t wanna let it go! But I am and I will miss it very very much.

according to dc my baby was delivered to its new residence yesterday afternoon…I haven’t seen any pics yet of it with its new mommy. I hope its not an orphan

I’m just about done rooting. My baby will be going out on Monday. I have fallen in love with her and want to keep her but I keep telling myself I’ll be getting one too. It’s so hard to let go sometimes.

Can’t wait to see everyones babies.