How am I doing?


Well, be sure to give her/him a REAL body

All kidding aside I think the coloring is looking good.



the coloring is looking real good,


I really like the coloring on the leg. Looks like real skin and I like the veining I can see in the hand.

Give us more photos when you’re done.



Yes, the picture of the limbs seems to be very realistic living tones, but it is kinda hard to tell because of flash distortion.
Try this: tomorrow, take your kit over by a window where lots of natural light is coming in and shut the flash off on your camera. Lean again something to steady yourself (or use a tripod) and take a couple more. Believe me, it will make all the difference in the world.
I have a cheapy camera too and used to blame my poor pics on it, but once I discovered these tricks, I upgraded to not half bad, lol.


I think your coloring from what I can see is coming along great, however, I think your body is a little unproportioned…


I can´t see the pics.