House on market..need help with doll room


:roll_eyes: I need help…I know there are threads but I’m panicked. I have an extra bedroom that I am working two different businesses with. I have a work bench loaded with dolly stuff but most of the kits are in their bags in one closet. I’m out of room to organize big things. The pictures of the house will be done Monday am and I need this Horrendous room to not look like a nightmare. Plus I have my Bible journaling stuff in here. A second hand desk with hutch…ugh it’s like a warehouse and not that warm except for pretty valances at my window. If you can’t help I understand…but please pray for me :tired_face:


Sounds wonderful. I don’t have a huge room but big enough. I am still working on it almost finished and will take pics of my Craft Room soon. I have it in stations. Sewing, Computer, Dolly etc…


I completely understand! I just recently sold my house, and had to pack ALL my baby stuff away so they could take photos. I’ve just now got settled in my new house, and started painting last night for the first time in 2 months, so I feel your pain! When we were having photos done, we had a spare room with very little furniture that didn’t show well as it was. We ended up moving a small area rug and an upholstered chair in there (that ended up being the only things in that room) and it really made that room homey. The photographer was also really good about telling us what to remove from photos to make each room show better. We did major decluttering before listing the house, and used every closet and the ENTIRE garage for storage until we moved. Then we went out of town for a weekend so that the realtors could show the house all they wanted. We ended up with twenty three showings and four offers after that weekend, so thankfully we didn’t have to keep the house show ready. With two kids and four animals that would have been difficult! I’ll pray that your house sells quickly and painlessly, cause I know it’s no fun!


I knoe exactly wath is your feeling. My stuff was in the dinning and lliving rooms when the pictures of my house was taken.
Think camouflage. Put everything you can in big boxes or bin and put all you can in your car, closets, outside…
Or move them to one room to another as the photoshoot go.

Go luck !


Thank you So much Ladies!! They are using scanners and a Drone!! I feel like Eve trying to hide and it’s not going to work LOL.I have boxes. We live in FL No basements and we don’t have a shed so hubby and I are keeping the trucks out of the garage and putting some stuff in there, But it’s Hot in there so I can’t keep it there too long ugh. I Just helped my Mom move to SC and that’s where we are going Lord willing.


How can I pack my completed dolls safely, just to get them out for the pictures? :slight_smile:


Wrap in a blanket or a towel and then in boxes.