Honeybug Mystery Eggs


I’m doing a super-fun Mystery Egg promotion from now through April 1, 2018. Each brightly colored egg contains 1 surprise pacifier with custom Spring colors and a Sprinkle on top from the “Chicky Easter” collection. Which one will your baby find inside?! An 8mmx3mm Neodymium magnet is included inside each pacifier so it’s ready to use. The first 25 orders will include a FREE “Bunnies” Honest diaper.

Just $9 each, Buy 2 Get 1 FREE.


20170728_121051 (2)


How do we order?


You may PM your Paypal email address and I’ll send an invoice to you.


I have a loud cat that thinks she’s human I’ll trade you for one… :joy: no I’m kidding. If I wasn’t spent out I would get a few. They are adorable!!


Sent PM!


I LOVE loud cats!!! LOL
of course, I love all cats.


I do too. Not so much at night though! Haha!! This is Ella. 00707_lWiI5WnAC3p_600x450


She’s cute!


Awe, I have one with similar coloring. His name is Wheatley.


Twins! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart::heart::heart:


They do look alike (the two cats). Your dog and cat are so cute together!.


Anne. I hope its the two cats that look alike. :joy::joy: just messing with ya! :slight_smile:


They are best buds. I have several cats and they all love the dog. I rescue kittens and baby bunnies, and the dog always mommies them with me.