Honey was gonna be a boy, didnt have no boy clothes

all done except those lashes, what do you think? boy or girl?

Well he sure makes a darn cute girl.
You might want to rethink those boy clothes afterall.
Sweet baby.

Looks totally girrly-girl to me!!!

I think she is adorable as a little girl!! You did a great job!

I think she is too cute as a girl. Good job!!


I see all girl!!! BOL!!!

Girl!!! Is she redheaded too? I’m gonna pass out if I see one more redheaded baby. I want one! I love her eyes also.

Ooooh Sharon, she is cute…but I could see boy too. Nice job!!

I love the hair! Is that hair from BB or what?

Looks like a girl to me! Very pretty too!

the hair is really light brown, my flash makes it a little on the red side, its from slumberland, thanks for all the compliments,