Honey and Robin....boys or girls?

Still working on these 2! Gave Robin and little hair…well I am in the process! Honey still need lashes and some more veining on her head but what are they looking like so far? Thanks ladies!

At this point I would say Robin girl and Honey boy. But they could go either way for sure. They will be cute.

I think Robin’s a girl and Honey’s a boy. They’re adorable!

I just have to say Both Girls - so you have a vote for all the possibilities. My first thought was Robin Girl and Honey Boy - but Honey makes a lovely girl.

Whatever you choose they are just precious.

ha ha -

Just read all the posts: Ya got votes for:
2 boys
2 girls
a boy and girl
a girl and boy

that should help ya

PS: my vote is for Robin (girl) and Honey (boy)

But like everyone said - whatever you decide they will be adorable.


Well thanks for the help there ladies! LOL! I guess anything goes with these 2 then!