Honest Advice/opinion welcome


Hello everybody .I am new to the world of reborning and just ordered my first kit. I bought a cheap baby at our local thrift store to use as a test baby until mine arrived .I have so much to learn. Here is how my cheap test baby turned out .Any advice?imageimage


She turned out really good…:grin:


I would suggest that you take the pics in natural daylight. It is really hard to tell from the pics in artificial light.


Good start! Your eyebrows are too high and thick though-especially if he will be a baldy.


They’re not too thick. Bald babies can have bushy eyebrows too. :wink:


Great Job!!!


That looks very good for a first try. The only thing that I personally think looks a bit off is the lips. The way it’s sculpted, the bottom lip would be a bit fatter.
Other than that, it looks great!


Good job!


If I were you, I’d get a realborn to work on, because this type of doll has almost NO detailing on it — it’s hard to make something out of nothing.
If you get a realborn kit, you will learn how to do creases and other fine detail work — that’s what a beginner needs, IMO…@Ldbr2007


I have placed an order .hopefully it will be here early next week .


I think he looks much better.


That’s the first doll I’ve ever made too, the same baby. I never sold it, so I might still have it too. Yours definitely looks much better than mine did. Mine turned out so orange. Good job!


Great first baby xo


Great improvement on him! Looks like you’re ready to paint your kit. Waiting for that first kit seems to take forever.


That baby definitely looks better.


I decided he needed some hair .How did I do? Any tip on improvement are welcome .


Really good for a first time. I think he’s adorable. :heart_eyes:


You did an excellent job IMO :smile: !!!


I think he looks great. You are going to be good at this.