Holy Cow!

Have you ever started rooting a head and it seems as if that sucker just keeps getting bigger and bigger? I sat a goal to finish this moby head today between laundry and cleaning, I am barely going to make it. I washed 8 loads of laundry cleaned ceiling fans, mopped floors and vacuum the rugs twice since I did it once before I cleaned ceiling fan, dishes and am cooking a pot of chicken and veggie soup and will make grilled cheese for supper. Tomorrow I will have to strip the sheets off the bed and wash them. I have 7 loads of laundry a week for the dog 8 if you count the white load I put their sheets in along with our whites.

It takes me at least 20 hours to root a head with a 43G single barb needle - maintaining the correct directional rooting… I don’t think I could do it between laundry and cleaning especially if it is all in the same day??? You are fast!!

I did not root it all today, WOW I wish I could I just finished it up. Sorry if it sounded like I did it in one day. That would make things faster. LOL This one is a Christmas order Punkin. I am working on the heads for the angel tree this week tho. I got one of nine finished last week and Hope to get maybe a couple done this week.

I misread what you wrote and thought that you said you had rooted nine heads last week! And knowing everything else you do, I was wondering if you had slept last week!!! Glad I went back and reread it or I’d have felt like I really was an underacheiver! I’ve spent today crocheting instead of painting Cozy with luminaire. Trying to learn how to do it better. Maybe I’ll paint this evening and watch TV. No rooting to be done right now so my fingers are safe if I watch TV tonight!!!

And by the way, those heads expand rapidly with each hole you make! Sort of the opposite of popping a balloon with a needle! About the time you think you should be getting somewhere, you look at the head instead of just the spot you are rooting and realize that in reality you have only gotten a fraction of it done. In the meantime, I’m “rooting” for you to get your “rooting” finished! Snicker, snicker!

LOL thank you for "rooting: me on I will be glad when I have them finished. I think I am going to do a black haired baby next.

Ludmila, your little fairy is lovely. Your grand daughter is a luckily girl to be getting “heaps” of them.