Holiday Babies by Emily's Dream Dolls


I have just a little time to complete three dolls in addition to my current custom orders, in time for the holidays. If anyone would be interested in either Kase awake, Miranda, or Owen, please contact me soon! Customization is still possible at this point (hair color, complexion) as long as we talk about it now; otherwise these three babies I will be making just based on my artistic whim. I’ll be sure to post WIP progress photos as I progress. A great opportunity to adopt here before eBay! Will be well priced, too. :slight_smile:

*Babies are shown with neutralizing layers and basic shading. Still have a ways to go.


ooh you should make miranda into a dark ethnic i hope you can sell her for a low price around 100 110 because thats the only money i have


This one’s a girl!