Holding a listed reborn


I have a person requesting I hold a reborn listed until Dec. 1st. She also wants me to accept prepaid credit card or mail a money order. Has anyone ever had this type of request? How should I handle this ? I do have paypal listed as method of payment.


I only except paypal. I have reserved a baby for someone, but I sent then a paypal invoice for a deposit first.


I too only accept PayPal but I think a money order or bank check wouldn’t cause a problem.
I wouldn’t do a hold without a deposit.


What percent of the price do you feel is reasonable ? Should the deposit be non refundable ?


50% and yes


Ok, I will reply and see what she says. Thanks so much for the great advice, I really appreciate it


See if she can do Walmart to Walmart.


That’s a great idea, thanks, I will suggest that as well.


Walmart 2 Walmart is good, but your customer has to be really comfortable with you. They try to scare them with all these warnings about fraud and buying stuff off of the internet. :roll_eyes:


Oh, ok. I totally understand because there are so many scams right now and so many dishonest people. They make things hard for legit people. Such a shame


I personally don’t do holds any longer. I have encountered so many time wasters. At times I have even sent invoices and then have excuses the day before or of. When I accept payments or deposits, I typically require a 3rd to 50% of the total price. I have accepted money orders previously but I only accept them from the United States Postal Office. Those are the safest ones to accept.


Thanks, I will see if she even responds. I would prefer to just sale and move on.


I sometimes accept money orders but ONLY postal money orders. My bank told me that bank money orders and bank checks are no longer as good as cash because of so much counterfeiting. You can cash a postal money order (or deposit it) at your bank or you can cash it at the post office. Our post office is very small so I usually call to make sure they have enough cash on hand before I go in.
I definitely charge a non refundable deposit to hold or for layaways.


I understand the December 1st thing, she might be waiting on a check or money, maybe she can use the prepaid card through paypal. If she doesn’t want to, tell her you wont send the doll until her payment is cleared.


You welcome!


I have accepted pre paid credit cards, once they clear i send the baby, no problems . I will reserve or hold a baby for someone but I always give a deadline for instance if she will purchase Dec 1 then give her till noon on the 2nd or 11:00PM on the 1st. Tell her your deadline so there are no hurt feelings when you re list it. I only hold for a short while to insure they are serious.