Hi my email said i had a PM, but it wasnt there,


didnt want anyone to thank I didnt get back with them,


Here’s how it works:

  1. When the sender sends a PM, it also goes into their “Outbox”. And at the same time, it appears in the receiver’s “Inbox”.

  2. When the receiver reads the PM, then for the sender, it automatically moves from their “Outbox” to their “Sentbox”.

  3. If the receiver has not yet read the PM, then it will still be in the sender’s “Outbox” rather than their “Sentbox”. While in that state, the sender can still delete it from their “Outbox” if they choose to. And if they do that, it will also automatically get deleted from the receiver’s “Inbox”.

  4. If #3 above happens (sender deletes it from their “Outbox”), you (the receiver) will get an email saying that you have a PM, but then when you go check for it, it won’t be there.


thank you so much BB…