Hi. Let me repay you


@Tungaro, yes! That was us!! I was the one that ended up rocking it in the middle of the night. My daughter cried too because she couldn’t figure out how to make it stop at 4am. Maybe it was a subversive attempt to get us moms on board for birth control?


That is very true!


My daughter had a “difficult” baby…It cried all the time and she worked part time so I had a “baby sitter key”. The computer could tell the difference. One day the doll was silently sleeping and the husband walked by and picked it up and was giving me a hard time about how precious the “baby” was and acted like he was snuggling it’s neck and let the head fall back. The doll began screaming and the daughter got a grade cut for having unreliable child care. Lol. Not kidding




Sorry :neutral_face:.


Were not the ones who should be sorry.


We may be off topic, but our comments are keeping this post bumped, so more people are likely to see it?!


I agree. This post is staying at the top of my thread because of all the discussion about the BTIO dolls. The title still says let me repay you. People can still see and comment about that. But it would have probably dropped way down if the doll conversation wasn’t keeping it bumped.


So,just curious,has she sent you a tracking number to send it back?


Yes. It’s posted on the newby thread. It’s valid.