Hi. Let me repay you


LOL, OMG was it that bad. Does it have some sort of default turn off switch , or just have to suffer through it.


You have to suffer, and I’m convinced that a sadist invented this demonic doll. Of course the cry is set to some strange pitch that doesn’t affect teenager eardrums, only adults.

I was so glad when that project was over! Real babies and reborns like me, I swear!


The ones that my school had, had an emergency shutoff on it’s back that was incredibly difficult to turn off. One kid had to turn his baby off because he forgot the bottle at school and the baby wouldn’t stop lol But you fail if you turn the baby off, so no one really does it because they’d have to suffer through it again :joy:

Maybe it was just mine, but I really didn’t mind it at all, I actually kinda enjoyed having him around lol. And I had one of the “hard” babies, because the teacher knew I would be fine haha


My baby think it over sounded like Godzilla on a rampage. Lol.




Sounds like they mostly live up to their names… makes ya think it over :wink:


Oh, and you can’t use the CIO (cry it out) parenting method as a defense, my daughter’s teacher was NOT impressed with that attempt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine just told us not to drink or party around the baby :joy: Bad influence I suppose lol


I loved Baby Think It Over! I was able to bring one home 4 times, I always found a class or reason to have the school let me do it. One year I was on the school newspaper and I asked to write an article on them so I could bring a baby home again:)


Same lol but I only took it once. My school has like 7 or 8 of them, but literally only ONE works. Plus I got a 100% so I wasn’t allowed to take it again :joy:


Maybe my daughter’s possed colickly demon baby was broken?


I had purchased the BTIO from her strictly (at that time) for my nephew and his girlfriend, too young and needed to TIO! But we never were able to experience the BTIO care giving since it was never shipped. This one is a toss up, will she do as she says or not? It’s up to her we shall see! :wink:


Only time will tell. :slight_smile:


I had an average baby think it over. Pretty routine, cried a few times closer together in the evening but then woke like every 2 or 3 hours at night… The irony was; I was 6 months pregnant when I had the project! I was used to getting very little sleep because I got the most insane Charlie horses in my calves every night.
I had my daughter in my junior year of high school, just shy of turning 17. Still funny looking back, so many kids asked if I had my baby while walking around school with the doll in a carseat, then riding the bus home. Silly kids, still had a baby bump, havent missed a day of school so when did you think I had her? And what school would be ok with me riding the bus with my infant, and carrying her around to all of my classes?!
I kindve want one to remind my 6 children why I got my tubes tied, and why they really don’t want another baby in the house, they just think babies are cute (my daughters have begged for us to have another or adopt). I will make you as many cute little babies as you want, in the form of vinyl- complete with all the snuggles and clothes changes and none of the crying or pooping or puking.


Now you guys are going to have me on the hunt for one of these babies lol


LoL, Did she at least get a good grade?


But that’s a real world acceptable response (within reason of course). Sounds like baby screamy-pants had unrealistic expectations.


I think she got a C. One kid in her class couldn’t take it after a few hours and locked the baby in a closet under some laundry, so at least she wasn’t the worst…


My daughter brought one of those home on a Thursday - it screamed all night for which I sat and rocked it because my daughter had to go to school the next day - my husband told her to take the doll back and tell the teacher she would take a F - because if it came back home with her it would be going back in pieces on Monday :flushed::joy:-


hahaha. Well at least he/she gave it a cozy place to hang out