Hi. Let me repay you


Hi. I’m Jessica. As you may know and I want to do the right things in life starting now. I don’t remember who all I’ve done wrong but if I did you wrong either message me or comment below and I will write all down and I will do whatever it takes to make things right. I do have mental issues but that is NOT an excuse for doing what I did to you all. I honestly am so sorry. Once everyone is taken care of and everything I will no longer be a part of this community fue to fear I will want to do this again. Its almost like a sickness. I do good for awhile and I say to myself never again but its like something takes over and I find myself doing it again. I need help. I will be finding a place that will help me out of this sickening thought process.


Probably should list all the names you have used on this forum besides the ones that have already been mentioned on the other post - @Sophiasdolls @countrycradlereborns @ agiftfromabove @kathysreborns - we know there have been others - I think you should tell them -because people aren’t going to know by just this forum name - glad you are trying to get on the right track -will be praying for you :pray:t2:


are you on FB? If you are may we please have your real name? thank you


@twolipsanddande is someone you took advantage of.


It’s great that you are returning the traveling box. Since you aren’t going to the PO until tomorrow, you need to take a pic of the box and the items inside. You can privately PM that to Ashley.


I completely agree with @cajuncuties

Also, if I had been scammed/robbed by her I would tell her exactly how her actions affected me. How much money were you taken for (even in a trade, what was the value?), did you lose out on a sale because you were expecting a kit for a custom? I just REALLY think the full impact her actions had should be addressed, it may help to deter her from “relapsing” if/when she gets help. It would also show her exactly how much she owes everyone.

And, like @Tungaro said, you really do need to list all of your aliases you used, if you truly want to come clean and make things right with every single person you did wrong.


She did earlier today, a few hours ago.


Why does this seem like something that’s been posted before? I really wish. BB would just ban IP addresses to keep people from coming back under a different screen name.

I hope you are being honest.


It has but I cannot remember if it was by her or not.


I missed it. I scrolled through the traveling box post for the first time, as I didn’t know this had happened.:hushed:


Starcatcher or something or other did post something similar once. I wondered for a bit if they were the same person.


Her name was Hannah which so far hasn’t connected to this person.


So far this is everyone who seems to be her or related.


Kathy Stephens
Brandon Stephens
Jessica Stephens
Kaylee Stephens
Sophie Taylor

and possibly

Katie Smith or Kate (wasnt confirmed same person but speculated to be Kathy in 2015)

(I may be wrong but that is what I found earlier.)


Jeez. :cold_sweat:


@Sophiasdolls Yes under KathysReborns you took advantage of my trust and generosity. First off you sold me a BTIO, I paid promptly. Then the same day you listed to trade your “Libby” sculpt. I offered to trade my Kiri and eyes which you accepted. I mailed my package to you which included, the sculpt, body, hand made hair pretty especially for Kiri all packaged with pretty tissue papers lined inside a collectors box and packed this inside a mailing box. I sent the shipping label tracking number to you, you said you’d do the same for me. I waited, gave you a few extra days then sent you a message wondering about the shipping ID I was supposed to have received. You did answer back saying that y’all had received A LOT of snow and would go to the post office when the roads were clear. I waited…sent you another message now waiting for both of my packages…another message sent…still nothing. You received my $100.00, as well as the package I shipped to you. I contacted Paypal and I was refunded my $100.00, I’m sure you were hoping I’d give you 30 days or more so you could steal my $100.00 too, but you still had the package I sent to you. So I invoiced you March 10th 2015 via Paypal $54.01 for the sculpt and eyes, postage and packaging. Which I’m sure you laughed about, since the request was ignored. I sent the invoice several times. If you are sincere at doing good, send back everything I sent you in the condition it was sent or pay the invoice. I can resend that invoice again if you wish. Are you still operating under camaroboy33@yahoo.com or did you acquire a new alias or two?

**edited to add you also TRADED the BTIO to another person AFTER I PAID you for it!! SERIOUSLY! Just what was turning your wheels? This person SENT you THREE reborns for the BTIO! Trusting that you were sending her what she paid for! Geesh!! How have you ever slept peacefully?


Nancy her real name is Jessica Stephens she has about 10-12 fb accounts all under that name or did last night I know one has been closed since then.


thank you very much


Sorry, I have no sympathy for somebody like this; what she is doing is criminal, and sooner or later the law will catch up if people report the fraud to police or the on line fraud squad.


What’s a BITO?


BTIO = Baby Think it Over

It’s the baby doll that the high schools use in home ec. My daughter brought one home in 9th grade. They are programmed to cry when they need to be changed, fed, or just to drive pretend doll grand-mas crazy in the middle of the night.

I’ve raised three kids and that doll left me feeling utterly incompetent.