Hi I'm new!

Hi, Angie! Welcome to BB! You’ll love it here


How long have you been reborning???


Welcome Angie

welcome Angie, you will learn a lot here,

Welcome to the group Angie. There are a lot of talented, helpful ladies here

Welcome Angie.

Hi Angie, you will love it here. There’s always someone willing to help. I would have gone crazy without everyone here. This is the best place to be. If you need some help, just give a shout. Enjoy, DEE

Welcome, Angie. My suggestion is to buy the complete Bountiful Baby kit that comes with everything you need to start reborning. That way you will have step-by-step instructions - with photos, and all your supplies. Then, as you go, or even before you start, view all of the tutorials you can. If you run into a problem or a question, you’ll most likely be able to search the forum here to find the answers. And, at any time you can ask questions, and you’ll get lots of help. Bountiful baby has the best and fastest shipping, when you order stuff from them. Be prepared to embark on an expensive, but rewarding hobby.

Hi Angie, Welcome you’ll enjoy this forum, lots of helpful ladies here.

     Hugs Tina

If you want a tiny doll, and cheaper price, my favorite would be Teagan. I love this sculpt, and it creates a very darling, realistic sleeping baby. If you want a bigger baby then my favorites would be Sera, Sam Robin & Ember. Now there’s a new kit out, which is a larger version of Sera. It’s called Meg. If I were you, I’d look at their finished doll photos, to get an idea of what they will look like when done. I can never tell from looking at just the unpainted kits. Then choose the one you like best. My first kit was a Riley. I think I chose her because she was the only open-eyed choice. She is my LEAST favorites doll. She was where I began. Next I did a Luca and put a wig on her. She’s very cute (all Lucas are). Someday I will re-do them, as after reborning for over a year, I really can see the flaws on them! Let us know which kit you decide on to launch your new hobby.

Hi Angie, welcome to the forum.

Hi Angie, I’ve been a member for a while and a lurker for a longgggg time. I never take the time to engage in conversations because I am usually checking the daily happenings on the fly…that being said you will love this forum. The information already available in tutorials and older threads is priceless and you can never ask a silly question. Someone is always willing and able to answer and always with a smile and encouraging word. You will find women here with incredible hearts and tons of knowledge. Good Luck and I agree that a tiny Teagan is a very nice baby to start and considering what all the individual components cost the complete kit is a good deal and you will have lots of stuff left over to use on your next babies…because once you start you will be hooked just like the rest of us!!!

Hi Angie, and welcome! Everyone here has been so nice to me. Just pick a kit you like and go for it! You’ll love reborning and will get better and better with every baby you do.

Welcome Angie! It’s so nice to have you here!