Hi I am new to posting but not to the forums (been lurking for almost a year)

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is amy and I have been reborning for about a year. I have mainly sold offline and am new to online selling so any tips would be great ! I have posted a few of my babies on some facebook groups and just started an Etsy account. Once i learn how to add photos I will put some up and see what you think. It has been nice growing with all of you from behind the scenes that I feel so many of you already. I look forward to talking to you :smile:


Welcome! :wave::wave:

Welcome. You can just drag and drop in most cases to add pics. :slight_smile:



Thank you I just tried to upload one. Hope it works.

Nice to meet you, Amy! Your baby is cute!

Thank you! Nice to meet you also :smile:

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Peek-a-boo! We see you. Come out and play!


Welcome, your baby is beautiful.

Welcome Amy, your baby is cute…!!


Welcome to BB!!!

Welcome @Amy444, to the forum. I’m glad that you decided to join us. You did very nice work with your baby. Hope to hear more from you and that you will enjoy the fellowship here. Diane

Hiiiiiiii Amy!!! :heart:

Welcome Amy, it’s nice to “meet” you. Glad you decided to join instead of just lurking!!! You will find lots of wonderful members willing to help you in any way they can, just ask. Your baby is really cute.

Thanks everyone for the welcome!I am glad to get to know everyone. I have always just sat back and read what everyone said on here and never really having much to say so just kept to myself but have decided to be social lol. This baby is one of my favorites that I have done but I am new to selling online so havent had much luck there yet. I have sold a few to local people and people have a hard time believing that they are dolls and not real. I even got pulled over by the police because someone called about an unrestrained child when they saw me carry one of my babies into a store without a carseat. That was a funny day.


Hi and welcome!

Welcome to the board Amy. I’m new here too, just a few weeks into joining (I was a long time silent lurker also lol). Your baby is a cutie, hope to see more of them. You’ll have to let us know when you get your Etsy site up and running :smile:

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Thank you! My Etsy shop is up but not so sure on running lol. I havent sold anything on there yet.My shop is Mumsthewordreborns. I am still new to all this computer online selling lol.I will have to post a few more pictures of some of my other babies soon.

Hello Amy and welcome to the family x

I lurked for months before joining in. I’m so glad I came out of hiding because I’m having so much fun joining in with all the lovely ladies here. Your baby is adorable x


Welcome Amy… (Now we have 2! :smile:) Glad you decide to join us…Look forward to seeing you on the forum…Just jump in… :smile: