Hi from tulsa

hi my name is rayma i have been reborning for about a year. i have been reading the forum for a while now and have enjoyed it very much. i am excited about being able to share with others that enjoy creating our beautiful babies.

hi welcome

WELCOME !!! We are glad to have ya -post alot so you can join our monthly baby pageants !!!

thank you all! i am not real computer literate but i am trying. as soon as i figure out how i will post some pictures. it is nice to be welcome.

Welcome. You’ve joined the right forum. We have so many wounderful reborners here. Ask questions. I know i do and they help me alot.

Welcome to BB, the best place to be. (hey, that rhymes ) You will find a wealth of info and help here. If you have a question and people can’t answer it, sooner or later someone will find it for you.

As for photos—most people use photobucket. Upload your photos there. After they are there, mouse over the photo you want to show and a box will pop up with codes. Go towards the bottom and look for the IMG code. Click in the box, it will say “copied.” Come back here and right click and paste it here. It’s easy once you get the hang of it. Should you run into trouble with image sizes and resize in photobucket, you need to close the program and come back. That usually will reset the sizing.

thank you so much ! i am going to save that.

Hi Rayma! Welcome!

Welcome! I’ve been here for only a short time but everyone is very friendly and helpful! I’m sure you’ll love it here as much as I do!

Greetings, Rayma! I can assure you this Forum for BB, IS the place to be! Lots of help, advice, and information, and a supportive and warm community to help you at any time. And it’s FREE!! Amazing EXPERTS in the field who are amazingly generous and have your best interest in mind. Welcome! Rhonda