Hi everyone!

Hello everyone!

I didn’t find a topic where we all introduce ourselves, so I guess I’ll open my own
I’m a student from Croatia, Europe. 27 years old, making fimo and epoxy jewelry and miniatures in my free time, studying for my three remaining exams, and being the first “reborner” in my country. I’ve been doing this for four months, and boy, it’s been a real challenge to get everything I needed With a little help and kindness from a few Ebay sellers, I finally managed to get some kits (mostly BB’s), GSHP’s, some tools and brushes - and started my journey. It is so easy to get addicted to this At first, I was planning to paint only one doll, just to get a “feel” for it, but I got carried away and… you probably know the rest
Last month I finally convinced BB to start shipping their supplies to Croatia. No one happier than me, it has been my wish for as long as I found out about reborning
Now in a country where no one seemed to know what reborn dolls are, I started promoting this hobby. I’ve been on a few creative flea-markets with them, my dolls were on national TV stations three times so far (once in a special about an “exciting new hobby” called “reborning”), and soon, they’ll be in another one. People seem to know exactly what these dolls are now, and how much work and skill is needed to finish a single doll. I expected there will be more “creepy” and “scary” remarks, but mostly, people ae pleased with them and getting more and more interested in this hobby.

I don’t take my work too seriously. I don’t consider painting already made doll parts to be art. I find it to be artistic and a form of creative craft. Calling myself an “artist” would be pretencious. I’ll call myself that once I create something original and unique and aestetically pleasing without “this or that” positive or negative context. I might never get there, but I’m still enjoying being creative
So, what I meant to say was, I hope you’ll welcome me in your community. I’d love to share my experiences with you, learn more, and get better.

Thanks for looking and all the best,


A lovely introduction and WELCOME. Everyone here is very helpful and it’s a great BB family. We look forward to seeing your creations.


Welcome!! Hoe exciting to be on the frontier of something new in your country. There are a lot of helpful, kind people here. I am glad you decided to join in. You can read about many of us in a thread called “Getting to know you”. I look forward to seeing your babies.

Thank you, ladies
@Heather - yeah, it has been really exciting! Especially when the show went on air. They kind of wanted to make a shocking story about reborns being used as surogate children around the world and my view and opinions kind of neutrilized it. I was very firm on that these dolls are more than “creepy fake children”, and that their primary use was to be decorative collectors items, used in movies instead of real children, and even as playdolls for an older and responsible girl. I don’t want that this hobby is turned into something bad before it’s even begun here. It is a shame it is so missunderstood elswhere, too.

@kimomax - Thank you I wanted to start with something different and new. There has been something of a creative boom here lately. Everyone seems to make jewelry or decorative items. I wanted to be first in something, even though I didn’t create anything new or unknown to the rest of the world. But, I’m very pleased that the media found it attractive. I bet there will be more reborners near me soon

@Judy - I’ll be posting pictures as soon as I get to know the forum and how it works. So far, I’ve finished ten dolls - two Berenguer kits, six BB kits, and two Lillian Triggs. Eleventh is on the way (Tayla)
Once again, thank you for your warm welcome. I’m sure I’ll love it here!

Welcome !!! any advise and help you have is so welcomed here. We are here to help anyone who needs it. And i am always looking for help!! LOL

Welcome !!! We are so glad to have ya here cant wait to see some of these famous babies !!!

Hello, hello! Nice to meet you all!

I’d be happy to help if I can, but it is most likely I’ll be the one asking for some tips LOL. My “famous” babies are far from perfect. They are, ater all, beginners dolls. But they did fool a number of (not blind) people into thinking they’re real, which is a good thing, I guess
I gotta admit, they do look cool on TV (even though they are a sooo shiny! Gotta remember to put that matt varnish on my next haha!)

So… here there are, the dolls that have taken over my tiny, tiny apartment!!! I’m running out of workable space
The “evil vinyl gang”:

My first kit ever, Kadence (first version with too much red)

The better version of Kadence:

My Berenguer kit:

My personal favorite, Honey:

Shyann, with uncut hair and as a girl (turned her into a boy later, no one else seems to consider that option)


Harmony, totally “newbornish” and “1 mth old” versions:

So, feel free to share your opinions and criticize me. I know I deserve it

Great job! Welcome we look forward to seeing you around!

great work

Tomorrow, another TV is coming to my home National again, yaay! They are going to make a “special” on reborning, something of a “step-by-step” tutorial for their morning “hobby” show. I won’t let them make any remarks of “creepy” and “strange” kind. So excited!
And next week, a daily newspaper will make a special of my reborns, too So great to be the first in something LOL! I’ll share pics as soon as I get my paws on the paper edition

Hello, hello! Me again!
The show went on air today and the TV crew did a great job at introducing me and my work! I’ve shown how I paint lips and creases on Tayla, and rooting on my (ginger) Cozy
They introduced this hobby to be a new form of art here, and no one mentioned mourning mothers or guilds or any negative connotations regarding it. That was what I was aiming at. If I want to spread the word and for people to start liking reborning, I want to strip this hobby from any negative words such as “creepy”, “weird” or “insane”. After all, it is totally new here
And I was contacted by a girl from Croatia that wanted to start reborning too, but found it too complicated so the only kit she bought was sent to be finished in France. Maybe she’ll change her mind now, hmm?

Anyway, I’m very excited and happy by the way things are developing. I sure hope to start selling my dolls soon