Hey! Bountiful baby!.... just a thought. :)

have you ever considered adding a wish list to the site? ive many time found things i need or plan to buy and find myself writing the items on paper only to lose that paper and have to spend all that time digging though the site again… if you had a wish list option we could also share that list with loved ones for holiday/birthday ideas and it would allow you guys to see whats most wanted by your customers giving sale and stock ideas?
it would also make ordering fast for us

just a thought
thanks for your time

Good idea : )


I like this ideal too and would have your list handy… …Linda

I would so use this I just placed an order this morning and I knew I needed something else. Now 45 minutes later I know what it was I needed to order! GRR!

[size=14]That would be nice to have![/size]

This is a great idea! I will see what it’ll take to get a wish list of the site. :smile:

Thanks for trying to get us a wish list…so I don’t lose my mind trying to remember to get more magnets…or was it eyelashes…wish you sold eyebrows!


I LIKE this idea. I know other distributors have it on their website. We are gonna keep you busy EMILY!!!

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Lol! I’m so glad I can be of help!

Here at Bountiful Baby we want to ensure that our services are easy to use and pleasing to our customers! We love ideas and input from our customers to help us, better be able to, continue bringing you the highest quality products and online service.

Although, I cannot guarantee every specific change or addition will be made after the request is made, I can definitely influence the idea. :smile: