Hewo Aunties!

Wook how flexible I am!

How precious is she!

Karen, She is sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

Yum, toe jam!!! Now where’s the PB?

Hello darling Sophia…toes are such tasty teethers…

Sophia is growing more beautiful each day

Thanks, everyone! She’s started teething, I can’t believe it…seems like she was just born. She’s almost 5 months old already!

Thanks, Diana! Now if we can just get our house sold so we can make the move to Florida ~ have I mentioned it’s MY TURN to hold her??!

Karen, she is so precious. And I wonder how many of us can bit our toes???

Thank you, Jamie!

And Rhonda, I know, right??? I sooooo WISH I were that flexible…not happening, though

Thank you, Heather! I’m pretty proud of her.

Beautiful Beautiful baby!!

— Begin quote from “luv2Lrn”

I just love seeing all her pics!!! And the best name ever :0) Karen i think you and i share the same birthday Sophia and i share names you and i share a birthday… This is like the Twilight Zone

— End quote

Just one big happy family here, that’s us!

Thanks so much, everyone, for your very kind comments. Sophia is one of the main reasons we want to move to Florida…the SOONER the better. Heck, if this house doesn’t sell pretty soon she’s going to be in KINDERGARTEN before I get there…darn.

And Marlen, your little Christian makes my day every time I see your siggy picture of him…he’s got such a beautiful smile; just a perfect baby boy!