He's here! My real baby made his entrance today


I love your pictures. He is beautiful.


Congratulations he is gorgeous .
My second labor from first contract to being taken back to my room with the baby was 3 hours :baby:


Congratulations, he is perfect!


Lol, I agree. The picture with him sleeping looks like Owen asleep


He so cute!! It looks more like he has that dewy skin varnish shine look on his face on last photo.


Everyone agree if would made reborn replica of the baby​:slightly_smiling_face::grinning:


Oh, congratulations!!


He is a little blonde, goes even lighter than blonde. What a doll, he is absolutely perfect! Hope you are home and resting!


How beautiful he is, Good job mom Congratulations!!!


I was waiting to see if you would post more baby pics. He’s so cute and peaceful and happy. God bless you both!


Congratulations he’s gorgeous!!!:two_hearts:


He is so handsome! Congrats!!


big brobrother


big sissy



I don’t know how I’ve been missing these sweet baby pics. He is so beautiful. His brother and sister are cutie pies too. What an awesome family! You have to be a proud Mama. Thank you for sharing.


OMG how precious!!!


Your older one looks like he is not going to hand him back :wink:


You have beautiful have kids thanks for sharing.Hope life has gotten easier


Aww!! That is so cute!!:blush::heart_eyes: