He's here! My real baby made his entrance today




Awwww! Congrats! Hes beautiful! I cant wait to see more pics of the little guy. Love his name by the way! :blue_heart:


I keep checking this post just like I do the traveling pants boxes posts…hoping for more pictures. Please! We need to see more of this cute little guy! More pictures please. :grimacing:



my cousin also had her baby yesterday, his name is Oakley


I just came back checking for more pics too, lol!


Congratulations …he is beautiful. So glad you are both well.


Congrats, he is perfect!


He so cute, you could get Bountiful Baby to scan him and produce into the realborn kits. He is perfect! Lol!:slightly_smiling_face:


He’s precious! Congratulations!!


Mine take a few days! Even with pit and an epidural that never takes fully. I’m so jelly haha.


Congrats your little guy.


He is a beautiful baby.Congratulations !


Thank you ladies. I have really enjoyed reading all your replies! As requested, here are more photos :slightly_smiling_face::slight_smile::kissing_closed_eyes:

he looks so concerned lol
He has white blonde hair. I have red hair and his dad has brown hair… interesting lol



What a little bundle of sweet!!!


I think bountiful baby should have a section to upload real baby photos for reference. They can steal these;)


He has such a beautiful peachy complexion and it is so smooth looking! He looks like Owen awake in the last one. What a blessing.




This forum needs a love and like button. That baby is way too cute to just click the same for all posts. He needs his own special button. :heart_eyes:


ADORABLE!! And that sweet little bellybutton… OMG!!:heart_eyes: Congrats!!