He's here! My real baby made his entrance today


So happy everything went okay and you and bay are doing okay.:sparkling_heart:


Oh wow! That sounds like my delivery with my first born! He is beautiful!! Congratulations!!


I would absolutely love to do that so I could have a ‘copy’ of him. But alas it probably costs a fortune. Maybe I can find a kit that looks like him like I did of his big brother


Congratulations, glad you labor was nice and short, and you finally have your beautiful baby. I had five and my last one, she was out 15 minutes after they broke my water and I was at a 4…the nurse didnt believe me either but when she realised I was serious… boy did she freak out.
Now you have your own personal little model :slight_smile:


Congratulations ,He’s absolutely perfect :baby:t2: :baby_bottle:


Congratulations on your little one😊


I am so happy for both of you. You and he look beautiful. God bless your family.


Wonderful , Beautiful, congratulations and Happy Birthday all in one sentence !!


Congratulations! Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful new son. May many more good things be on the horizon for you and your family.


congrats what a wonderful new blessing


Congratulations! He’s beautiful.


I have 3 kids all under 5 hours of labor with each, My first (2hrs 36mins) and second (3hrs 49mins) were all natural and my last (4hrs 22mins) I had the epidural for surgery, she was conceived on bc so I ended up getting a tubal after she was born.

Congrats on the healthy baby boy, glad y’all are both doing okay!


That was fast ! Mine take 27h, 18h and 33h…yes I am jalous !


Congratulations for your beatiful little boy ! He is precious !


Oh goodness!!! Congratulations!! God bless him and you and wishing you a speedy recovery!


Congratulations on your Beautiful new baby.


Congratulations on your beautiful boy! And wow I’m jealous of you, my 4th was 13 hours!! Hope your doing well and wishing you all the happiness boys can bring!! :grin:


Congratulations and blessings as you move forward with your beautiful family.



Awww… Nothing like a brand new baby. :slight_smile: I am so happy for you that he came quick and “easy” if there is such a thing. Congratulations!