He's here! My real baby made his entrance today

My baby boy made his entrance at 5:59 pm today. My water broke at 3 pm. 3 hours of labor?! Is that a thing? No time for medication but at least it was fast. They were putting in the line for the epidural when I knew he was coming and I yelled I have to push now. The nurse didn’t beleive me. I said, check me in at a 10. I was at 4 just 30 mins before that. Contraactions were 3p seconds apart so I knew it was going fast. Sure enough I was right and he came in 4 pushes. Wow!
He’s so tired he won’t even nurse. He jist wants to sleep. Poor kid went down the slip and slide way too fast :rofl:.

Meet Daelin Josiah, named after his amazing grandpa Dale who lives in heaven.
7 pounds 20 inches long. I couldn’t be more in love and blessed that our crazy journey these past few Months had a happy ending. Closing one chapter and opening a new and better one♡


Congrats!!! What a little blessing!

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Congratulations, he is absolutely perfect! :heart:


Congrats!! He’s beautiful!

Congratulations and Welcome to the World Daelin Josiah!

Beautiful! take lots of photos for us!!!

Happy Baby day, good job mama!

Awe! Congrats! Glad both of you are well.

What a darling!

God bless you both :heart:

Awwww! Him’s so handsome! Congratulations momma! You did good! :heart_eyes:

Thank you ladies! I can’t wait to get pictures of his hair. It looks blonde and curly :heart_eyes:. He’s off getting a bath now


Congrats and I’m glad you had a short labor

Congrats to you and your beautiful family . Wishing you a long and healthy life so you can have so so much love and happiness in each other .

God bless you both! Congratulations! He’s so beautiful and I’m glad you’re both well and resting.

Congrats!! He’s beautiful :heart_eyes:

Congratulations I am so happy you are both healthy and doing so well. He is absolutely perfect! I love the name you chose for him!

Wow that was a fast exit! No wonder the little guy is sleeping it off. I’m so happy he’s arrived though and that you now have something wonderful to concentrate on. New life for him and new start for you! He’s a sweetie and I hope the start of many more blessings in your life!

Congrats, he’s beautiful Hey, you need to get him scanned! Then we could have a Daelin Realborn kit. There’s got to be a way.


Awe, congrats on your precious blessing. :baby_bottle::baby_bottle: