Here we go AGAIN...this poor baby....sheesh!

Thank you for letting us know about her.

I would just email her back that the sale stands and the balance is due and that you can not cancel the sale without losing your fees. If you do a mutual agreement to end the sale you lose your fees so wait and file a NPB claim. If she tries to come back and leave neg feedback you can respond to it that she is NPB.

— Begin quote from “ILov3R3Borns”

Another one huh?? “Not a smart business decision”, who is she, a bootleg Donald Trump??? Then she doesn’t want eBay to get involved??? She shouldn’t have gone bidding crazy. So I’m thinking this isn’t the first time she has done something like this.
“I got anxious”… Tell her they’re pills for that and tell her to show me the moneyyyyy!!!

— End quote