Here are Kassies updated pictures. Lots of big pictures

Can you tell me what kit she looks the most like? I want to do one that looks like her when I get the money. She is now 9 weeks old. I can’t believe it.

AWWEEE so cute! =]
She looks like Jolina by Manuela Muth to me. … ts_id=1282

Wow,I just went back and looked at Jolina on D o ll dr e ams and it looks like she posed for the sculptor!
The darker haired one looks like it was a photomatch for her.

The first pic where she is a fussy frog looks like Wibke by Manuela muth … ts_id=1176
and I do agree with Jolina as well…
She is such a sweetie…you are so blessed

What a cute real baby. Whatever sculpt you choose, and I have no suggestion - her eyebrows and hairline are going to be a challenge - so unique.

She is so cute! I think she looks like Mia by Adrie Stoete.

She looks like the soon to be released Mackenzie(
) to me…

Definitely a Muth baby.

She’s got some cute chubby cheeks!

She is absolutely beautiful. What an angel. Such pretty eyes. Enjoy every moment, for next thing she will be off to kindergarten…

She is so CUTE Do you just squeeze her chubbs all day??? I agree the the other kits suggested but also think she looks a lot like BB honey as well.

Oh wow you have a gorgeous baby!! Kiss those cheeks for me!! I think she looks more like Jolina too!

She is a beauty, I love her chubby little cheeks, I thought honey also.

Hugs tina

I thought of honey right away too! Or maybe sugar