Help 😱

I’m about to make my first reborn baby. I followed the instructions for mixing colors. now I was going to be mottling.

Oh no ! can i save it?

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Are you using air dry or Genesis?
You could either strip all the paint off or make all parts like this and then color correct it.
But for a first reborn, I’d advise to use a test part and try techniques on that first.

thanks for your reply. I use Air paints. if I paint the rest of the kit like that. how do i clean it or if i continue with what i have done, how do i neutralize it then?

I suggest you strip it, and fast . Blue stain and it will be very hard to correct. You will end with a baby very blue.
Just strip this arm.

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You could try stripping the paint, but air dry is very hard to get off in my experience.

Air dry is easy to strip within a few days, without varnish. Just with 90% alcohol.

  • I mean within a few days of painting, not a few days to strip !
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Thank you :ok_hand:t2::wink:

I use air dry also. It comes off with Windsor and Newton if the alcohol doesn’t work. Mottling and veins are my very first layers so they really are under the skin. I don’t do any blue mottling. What brand of paints are you using?

Yeah you need to strip. Blues I tend to dilute and least 3 times as much as other layers. It only takes a touch of blue- definitely not a full drop

I agree.

I use magical realism